The Delectable Bank Restaurant Pop-Up- The Vaults

Welcome to the second post from Secret Bolton and, as promised, this one is completely different. From inspiring architecture and tragic stories to taste-bud-tingling mouth-watering dishes dying to be eaten! Rated number 2 on the Bolton Trip Advisor, this time we focus on the delightful eatery of 'The Bank' Restaurant Pop Up, located in the newly refurbished Vaults...

The tale of The Bank is one of setback, heart ache and struggle after struggle. Fires, refurbishment, trip up after trip up, you name it, the family owners have had it tough. Never to be beaten, Aron and Lyndsey Sloly have dragged their restaurant kicking and screaming to its rightful place at the top of ratings through ingenuity, skill and just a little bit of grim determination.

At the time of writing, The Bank operates two establishments. The first, the more well known on Bury Road, and the brave second venture which is neatly situated within the swanky modern enclosure within The Vaults, Bolton Market Place.

Fascinating Firwood Fold and the Tragic Tale of Samuel Crompton

Welcome to the latest post from Secret Bolton- and my warmest gratitude goes to you- the loyal Boltonian- for taking the time to read this post. I must confess that I have driven past the brown Firwood Fold sign on Crompton Way easily over 500 times without ever realising the sheer significance of the place- not only as the birthplace of Bolton's favourite son- Samuel Crompton- but as place of consummate beauty. As I searched on Google, my inquisitive nature got the better of me as the full magnitude of the place revealed itself. I decided I must investigate further! 

Nestled neatly, yet unassumingly, behind a leafy 1960s housing estate lies the hidden and perfectly preserved enclave of Firwood Fold. Forget 1950s science fiction novels with time machines, this is genuinely like stepping back into the 1700s. I stood still for a second and questioned what must have occurred behind these walls over 200 years ago. Weavers skilfully spinning cotton in a world completely separate from t…

Welcome to Secret Bolton!

Hi! Steven from Secret Bolton here! Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you for using your precious time to read this blog. Secret Bolton has been kicking through the reaches of my mind for a while now. Luckily for me, I recently married a wonderful young lady who hails from this fair town, and have consequently become an honorary Boltonian. However, all I hear in the press and social media is how run down and downtrodden Bolton has become. I disagree with these assertions and feel it is high time to redress the balance. Bolton is a proud town, with proud people and lots to be proud of!

Bolton has an innumerate amount of beauty spots and places of interest from the 'Lake District of Lancashire' in Rivington, to the joyous jaunts around Jumbles through to the immaculately preserved, yet hidden, enclave of Firwood Fold. That's not to mention the sumptuous restaurants, interesting museums and stout stately homes to explore. 

I hope that my writing is interesting enough …